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F E S T I V A L S  and  C E L E B R A T I O N S   2 0 1 8

New Years Eve/ New Years Day
New Year’s Day ~ January 1st

Tu Bi-Shevat, Festival of the Trees ~ begins sunset January 30th, ends sunset January 31st*

Chinese New Year ~ February 16 heralds in the Year of the Dog here*

Brigid, Brigit, Brighid's Day ~ February 1st herehere

Groundhog Day ~ February 2nd

Candlemas ~ February 2nd here

Mardi Gras ~ Tuesday February 13th* (46 days before Easter)

Ash Wednesday ~ Wednesday February 14th, Lent begins

Lincoln’s Birthday ~ February 12th

Valentine's Day ~ February 14th herehere

Washington’s Birthday ~ February 15th

Saint Patrick's Day ~ March 17th

Spring Equinox ~ March 20th

Passover ~ begins at sunset March 30th, ends at sunset April 7th *

Palm Sunday ~ March 25th*

Easter Sunday ~ April 1st*

April Fool's Day ~ April 1st

May Day ~ May 1st

Cinco de Mayo ~ May 5th

Memorial Day ~ May 29th

Flag Day ~ June 14th 

Summer Solstice ~ Monday June 20th

St. John's Tide/ Midsummer ~ June 24th

Independence Day ~ July 4th

Lammas-Loaf Mass ~ August 1st

Garlic Sunday

Labor Day ~ September 3rd


Autumn Equinox ~ September 22nd

Michaelmas: Feast of Saint Michael ~ September 29th

Rosh Hashanah ~ begins at sundown September 9th, ends at sundown September 11th*

Columbus, Indigenous Peoples Day ~ October 10th

Yom Kippur ~ begins at sundown September 18th, ends at sundown September 19th *

Sukkot ~ begins at sundown on September 23rd, ends at sundown on September 30th

Canadian Thanksgiving ~ October 8th*

Samhain/Mid-Autumn/All Hallow’s Tide

Dia de los Meurtos ~ November November 1st and 2nd

All Saints Day ~ November 1st

All Souls Day ~ November 2nd

Daylight Savings begins ~ November 4th

November 6th ~ Election Day

Martinmas: Feast of Saint Martin ~ November 11th

Family Celebration and Lantern Tutorial

Song, Story and Baking Volarens

Late Autumn

Thanksgiving ~ Thursday November 22nd*

Advent ~ began Sunday December 2nd*

Saint Nicholas Day: Feast of Saint Nicholas ~ December 6th

Santa Lucia Day: Feast of Saint Lucy ~ December 13th

Winter Solstice ~ December 21st

Hanukkah ~ begins at sundown on December 2nd, ends at sundown December 10th *

Yuletide ~ Christmastide

Christmas Eve ~ December 24th

Christmas Day ~ December 25th

The Twelve Days of Christmas/ The Twelve Holy Nights from Christmas to Epiphany

St. Stephen ~ December 26th, mentioned in the Christmas Carol Good King Wenceslas, here

Old Year’s Eve ~ December 30th ~ a time for saying goodbye to the old year

Epiphany or Three Kings Day ~ January 6th

*  dates that change each year

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Celebrate the Rhythm of Life through the Year here

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