Friday, April 23, 2010

Let 'Em Get Dirty ~ Rhythm of the Earth

Expansion, that is the mood of my soul and my arms these days. Vast, open, light, energized, flowing. What a pleasure and a breeze to open the door and step outside with no cap. no gloves, no boots (okay maybe mudboots), no coat! What a thrill! Lightening and legnthing of the day imbue everything between earlier wake up and the challenget to keep  bedtime. Cooking outdoors, eating outdoors and working on the garden bring such satisfaction and ease to being. It's easy to get around. Vacation starts today.

A new button appears on my blog proclaiming, "Let 'em get dirty! "

 "Let 'em Get Dirty" is a gardening series initiated by Kim, at The Inadvertent Farmer. Kim has created the KinderGardens campaign and contest for the sharing of ideas to bring children into the garden. Between now and Septemeber, I'll be posting a series of writings on bringing children into the garden and the need to "Let 'em get dirty." Join if you like and share your ideas and projects with children and the garden. Click on the button for more information.

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  1. Happy Thursday! Just a weekly reminder of the link up party for the kinderGARDENS contest so if you have a post you would like to link up come on over and join the party! Kim


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