Friday, April 30, 2010

Prayers and healing

My furry boy is in the hospital. We do not know what's wrong. He is flat, not his usual spunky self, not eating. We want him to be healthy and come home. The house is so loudly silent. Healing and prayers requested for Mo.


  1. Lisa, our prayers tonight for Mo and your family. He looks like such a sweetiepie. I hope they find out what ails him - did they check for twisted intestines, by chance? That can creep up on dogs quickly. Please update when you can and hope he comes home soon and all better. Extra hugs for you and your little guy...

  2. I will send him some light, cheers Marie

  3. Thank you for your kind words, prayers and wishes Jen and Marie. x-rays and ultrasound did not reveal anything. That has been my feeling too, something blocking things. More blood work today. Some news in about three hours. He is so dear, he gets abxious when we are apart..

  4. You're right Jen, I asked them if they were really certain that nothing was in there and they looked again and believe something is in there. He needs surgery today.

  5. Mo had surgery, it was a piece of cloth. Now he's on the mend, hoping he'll be home on Monday.


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