Friday, May 28, 2010

Bees Study Group

Ahhhhhh, big breath out.

How full spring is. With sunshine and unseasonably hot weather it feels like summer. Yet school and Morning Garden are still in session. We spent a weekend in Maine, have been working on the house and in the gardens, got a pool ( I capitulated with the heat) and I gave birth to two booklets, one on the rabbit, of verses, puppetry and finger play and one called Celebrating Birthdays in Early Childhood. Theyr're beautiful and were both contributions to the local school benefit auction.

Well the Practical Advice for Teachers study group is underway and full of fabulous people. The introductions and comments are inspiring.

The interest is reading Steiners lectures on bees was great (and is also a strong interest of mine) so I started a second group.

Can you tell I was born in May and gave birth to a child (in June) with a May "due date." It's a creative time of the year for me.

Welcome all and please join the reading groups if they spark your interest.

Splendid Summer wishes to all!



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