Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reviewing the Day

Marsha Johnson of Waldorf Home Educators was recently asked the question, "why do you review the day going *backwards*? "

To which she provided this response:


We humans are quite asleep most of the time, even when we are walking about. We have a tendancy towards inward awareness, our feelings, impressions, judgments, worries, plans, ideas, ourselves...and we can become quite insulate as well as quite unaware of what is transpiring around us.

We can be so interested in 'self' that we forget 'other'.

Recalling the day, recalling the sensory and soul impressions, starting with what was immediate, and then practicing replaying the day, re-seeing it with the eyes of the soul, recalling a small gesture, an unspoken impression, the glimmer of an eye, the small pieces that come to us with time, helps us to sharped the pencil of our mind in a way.

Builds our memory-organ.

We do this with the children, quite directly. We tell them a marvelous tale, and then the next day, we ask them, what do you recall?

Over the night, things shift and move, dreams imbue, the spirit world whispers to us and reveals to us many things...when we have really developed our spirit organs, perhaps we can be dreaming and yet feel quite calmly awake and observing, recalling later what went on.

Practicing at night just before sleep will reveal to you the most amazing things! Small things pop up like jack-in-the-box moments, and we can nearly clap our hands to our foreheads! AH! How could I have nearly missed THAT!

Running backwards is not as easy as it seems. Our minds are disorderly these days, full of silly impressions and perceptions, sloppy minds trained to 30 second 'bites' of stuff, much of which is less than meaningless. We discipline our thinking and our memory life and we discipline ourselves.

We feel ourselves taking shape, become firm, finding the bones of the mind, so to speak, discovering how to make a flame that burns bright and heats well. Not a wild sparkly crazy inferno or a weak sickly effort that repels...but a steady bright perfect flame of a memory that illuminates here with quiet brilliance.

Take it slow, start with each little part of your day, if you manage to walk back through dinner time at first, why that is beautiful! This is an art and a true art takes time to hone and further.

As you move through your day, resting with your eyes closed, let those people, those beings who were present, come to your eye of your mind and the mirror of your heart and view them...simply without assigning any outer manipulation, just hold them like you would hold a new laid warm egg, fresh from the nest, in the palm of yourself, and see what was there.

Developing these inner organs and capacities is the very thing that will set you apart from the crowd. Truly seeing self, yes, and truly seeing Other. Avoiding that inner Frown, that face of conclusion, departing from making assumptions or judgments.......singly coming just as fresh as a summer slight breeze...listening for what is being asked of you in each moment.

If you can take this up, say in September, on the first day of that month of Micha-el, you will surely hear the songs of the cosmic choirs, rejoicing at the thought of another soul on Earth, making its light shine out into the farthest reaches of time and space! A twinkling beacon of beautiful light will begin to ray forth!

This self-moderated meditative activity is a key part of beginning to employ the fundamentals of spiritual science in your life and particularly in your teaching. It is truly one of the most valuable habits you can acquire in your life.

Try it and see what you find!

Mrs. M

Thank you Mrs. M!


  1. This is so wonderful, lovely words, cheers Marie

  2. thanks for the guidance and inspiration....I am taking in your words...hugs

  3. I will be reflecting upon every word of this tonight when I close my eyes and have not quite fallen asleep.

    Thank you.


  4. Reason to be inspired to Review the Day! Thank you for sharing.*

  5. I have an award for you.


  6. Wow...what a wonderful concept. I will certainly give it a try as I feel like sometimes I fly through life and will never remember those special moments...thanks!

    Just a reminder that we are getting near the end of the kinderGARDENS series and I'm urging everyone to link up as often as possible with their best posts. Soon the judges will be looking them over!

    Have a happy Thursday! Kim

  7. i am currently taking foundation year studies and we began doing this exercise last spring. i find that i can rarely make it all the way back through my day!


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