Friday, November 26, 2010

Trader Joe Came to Visit

Today I am grateful to Sally over at Fairy Dust Teaching for the inspiration of Trader Joe.

He arrived in the Morning Garden this week with a chest of treasures from Mother Earth's bounty to trade for Mother Earth Treasures.

Trader Joe was so tired he traded treasures for a hot bath, a bed and a warm meal.

The children loved it. Some children, upon hearing the news of Trader Joe, sailed across the seas bearing beautiful, magestic, shells from the sea, to trade with Trader Joe.

The next day they wanted to know if Trader Joe might come back.....

Hmmmnnn......... I wonder.....


  1. Oh you have warmed my heart! How lovely your trading post is! I love the wooden tray you used!

  2. Oh thank you Sally. You are the one who gave birth to Trader Joe! Is he a popular guy!I had that tray waiting to be put to use and your post inspired me to use it for Trader Joe's treasures. Thank you.


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