Friday, November 12, 2010

Verse to Start the Day

It seems fitting to share this verse today, during the feast or festival of Saint Martin, known as Martinmas, a time of remembering to kindle our flame, to acknowledge by seeing, hearing and feeling that flame of the other, even when it is masked and vulnerable.

This is the verse I say to begin my day of homeschooling: 

A Teacher's Thought for his Children 

You who out of heaven's bringhtness.
Now descend to earthly darkness.
Thus through life's resisting forces,

Spirit radiance to unfold
Spirit warmness to enkindle
Spirit forces to call forth

Be you warmed through by my love

Radiant thinking
Tranquil feeling
Healing willing.

That in Spirit's heights well- rooted
And in earth's foundation's working
You may servants of the Word become

Spirit illumining
Love evoking
Being strengthening.

Rudolf Steiner

May we all warm and be warmed through by love.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful.
    Found you via Life In the Suburbs' facebook. Will be poking around occasionally!

    Slainte (and happy St. Pat's, if you should celebrate!)


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