Monday, January 31, 2011

February Monthly Guide

Dear Reader,

Almost here. Today they will launch!

I am working hard to bring you the February Monthly Guide to Celebrating the Rhythm of Life with Children. The guide includes celebration ideas for Saint Brigid's Day, Chinese New Year and Valentines Day with stories, songs, verses, recipes and craft ideas as well as support for finding a strong rhythm in your day, week and year.

The guide will be released today to those who sing up and are willing to offer some feedback in exchange for the guide. If you'd like the guide and are willing to offer comments, e-mail me at Monthlyguides(at) today so I can add you to the list.

The February guide includes how to weave a Saint Brigid cross, a recipe for Valentine's day heart baking with children, simple sewing for a Valentine's pouch, beautiful Valentines making with a wet on wet water color painting tutorial, and 15 ideas for the celebration of Chinese New Year with Children.

The guide also includes something for baby and tips for bringing a harmonious flow to your day with toddlers. Child care providers will find tips specific to child care work as well.

Sign up to receive the free guide today, if you are willing to offer feedback.



  1. Yes, it is still possible to sign up!

  2. Your guides sound fantastic, Lisa!

  3. It is fantastic!!! Luv it very much!!

  4. I looked at what you had up yesterday. Linked from Mrs. Marsha's list. It looks good. You have a few typos here and there, but the ideas are fabulous. I would love to see that rest please send.
    Sorry I don't know how to deal with profile, not that savvy yet.


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