Monday, January 10, 2011

Rhythm of the Year

Here's my first sketch of a Wheel of the Year, the original copy; it's a bit dry and formal looking. It's a version of the cycle of the year that I made in 1998 when Angus was a wee lad.

I photocopied it in parchment paper and kept it on my fridge for years so I could add notes to the original. Your looking at a fresh copy for I made copies to share as handouts in classes I taught. Now the original has frayed edges and tears.

Looking at the year as a wheel helps me imagine the year as a turning wheel and develop a feel for the mood of the year through the seasons.

We were living on the equator when I made it and I was really wrestling with my relationship to the rhythm of the year. The presence of the wheel helped me see the year in a larger context.


  1. Very inspiring Lisa. I hope to become more in tune to the relationship of my rhythm and Mother Natures rhythm. I'd like to make a wheel and start following the moon phases. I believe a new moon is close, perhaps that is a good start.

  2. Ah, it is helpful to see the year this way! Thank you!


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