Monday, January 31, 2011

Rhythm in Our Home :: Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting Tutorial

We are working hard to bring you the February guides today. Here is a sneak peak into the painting tutorial.

Create beautiful Valentines with paintings. Wet on wet watercolor painting brings children an experience of color that is truly their own and beautiful as well. Make it a part of your weekly rhythm. I like to paint of Friday which is Venus' day.

  • It includes:
  • how to set up for painting
  • what simple materials are needed
  • what mood and gesture to bring
  • what age this suits
  • how to include the younger siblings or children in care
  • verses, song and story to bring with painting

The tutorial is here on The Wonder of Childhood Magazine.

For even more support with wet on wet watercolor painting, join my Homeschool Curriculum Program, this is a lively, interactive way to bring daily, weekly and seasonal rhythm to your home and to delve more deeply into activities that nurture wonder and imagination in a magical way.  Click here for more.



  1. I'd like to sign up for the guide.

  2. How do we receive the guide? I tried the email a few days ago but may have messed up. Would love to try it and would be happy to give feedback from our group! Thanks...

  3. I would love the guide in exchange for feedback - I am in the southern hemisphere. thanks

  4. Castlequeen, please send your e mail address to and I'll put you on the list. Thanks for your interest. Happy Summer!

  5. klj and the T_MAC, if you have not recieved onformation, e-mail me at and I will add your names to the list.

  6. Waouw
    My adress email :


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