Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award ~ Thank You!

The amazing Sally over at FairyDust Teaching and Annette at Seasons of Joy have each awarded me with a Stylish Blogger Award.  Thank you both for thinking of me.

The rules of acceptance:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. 
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 10-15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

Seven things about me:

1.    I am adopted and found my birthmother twenty some years ago. 
2.    I have lived on islands and by the sea for much of my life and love to scuba dive, the underwater world fascinates and soothes me.
3.    I  am a gypsy at heart. (Maybe we are gypsy at heart sisters Sally?) I've lived all over the planet and love to explore and meet people and taste the food they eat and see how they birth babies.
4.    I gave birth to one child at 44 weeks and another at 32 weeks and did kangaroo care.
5.    I was a philosophy major in college until I discovered Wome's Studies, then I went on to become a Midwife.
6.    I love to cook and grow food, especially for people I love.
7.    I love San Francisco and my all time favorite job was working at Cafe Liliane, it was a magical time, full of warmth and delicious too..
8. I like to push limits...I am adding one.... okay two....I have this vision of a birth and breakfast sort of place, where CNMs and CPMs work together and families come to give birth and be nourished, complete with gardens and farm animals and families

Now for the blogs I am passing this on to. This is really hard, there are so many fine blogs out there. Here is my selection, in no particular order:

Flowing with My Ducklings Emily's beautiful photos of her children accompanies  authentic reflection, craft making, and the process of parenting with head, heart and hands.

Free Flowing Ways  Kelly's blog is lovely and inspiring. with lots of connection to nature, nature rhythms in her family's homelearning.

Spinspirations  Kelly, above, of Free Flowing Ways and Dawn just started this spinners circle. It is so cozy, warm, beautiful and inspiring.

Carried Family ~Sarah's blog is an authentic exploration of life with children, lots of nature and warmth with her beautiful family.

The Artist, The Mom Angela's blog is full of reflection and humor and her beautiful family and handwork. She Tweets too.

Busha Full Of Grace  Busha (Marianne) 's blog explores many questions and inspires with brilliance and creativity and honesty.

Love in the Suburbs  Sara's beautiful blog is rich with family life, good writing and gorgeous photographs.

Ancient Hearth Jen's blog is beautiful with a look at Waldorf homeschooling and such an inspiration for us all on so many levels, even with the dogs. Her site is also full of generosly shared  resources and links.

The Sun With Loving Light Sandi is a homeschooling mom in California who asks and explores some big questions as well as shares her journey with readers.

Straw into Gold Christine Natale is a gifted storyteller and Waldorf kindergarten teacher who has been generously sharing her brilliant work for years. 

Bending Birches ~ Rebecca is the mom of a toddler, who shares beautiful photos and reflections of her journey into parenting and Waldorf education and caring for the children of others.

It wouldn't seem right without some food focused blogs:

La Tartine Gourmnd explores life as a French mom who loves food, french, good food and reflections on mothering and life and  gorgeous photographs. 


  1. Wow, thankyou, so touched! Appearing amongst such illustrious company has made my day. :)

  2. Dear Lisa
    You are very deserving of such an award.
    Thank you for passing it on to me and I am very honoured to receive an award from you! It was lovely to read the seven things about you. What an interesting person you are - midwife and gypsy and sea dweller and food lover. From reading your blogs for some time, I see how some of these things about you are shown through your words. You are a gift to us all!
    Best wishes and thank you.

  3. Oh my goodness...thank you! Does this mean I'm a stylish blogger?? My daughters would laugh at the mere word "stylish" with my name.

    Seriously, it touches me deeply because after years of being in a Waldorf classroom (where your essence is viewed mainly as part of a faculty/school) I have strived to make myself vulnerably open within my writing to show that teachers are just as human as everyone; all of us spritual beings on such a hunman path, with real fears and joys and craziness and family stuff and on and on and on :)

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lisa. I'm glad I found this as I perused my blog stats; I didn't even know you had this second blog until then. I love reading you!

    So what do I do now? Can you email me and let me know? mjf707(at)aol(dotcom)



  4. A "hunman" path. Whoops! Typo. Kinda sounds like "hangman" instead of "human" hahahaha

    Again love,


  5. Congrats Lisa! What an interesting person and life you have. I love your vision and hope it comes to be. Thanks for sharing about yourself and also for passing along such wonder new blogs to explore (I only knew two of them).


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