Saturday, March 12, 2011


March roars in like a lion so fierce,
the wind so cold, it seems to pierce.
The month rolls on and Spring draws near,
and March goes out like a lamb so dear 
                              Lorie Hill

The month of March has rolled in with great ferocity here. Over three feet of snow have fallen and the wind has ripped along, creating beautiful snowscapes and drifts.

Our most recent snowfall was one of the greatest on record for March.

Moe is always happy for a romp in the snow.

I jumped for joy this week when I saw, for the first time this winter, sunbeams shining on the wall in the late afternoon. 

The sun is moving north despite the snow.

For now there is skiing and sledding and shovelling and the warmth and cosy feeling of being tucked in at home.

And prayers for Japan and the people there.

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  1. What beautiful scene's you have photographed. We also have some snow on the ground. It's hard to imagine when we have moments of such beauty that there are people suffering so far from us.

    We also send our prayers.

    Kris P


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