Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day and Easter

I have been so busy with The Wonder of Childhood, trying to get the Easter articles up and on the site as well as post all of The First Grader articles there that I have spent little time here.

My article Every Day is Earth Day is up on the magazine.

Today my parents are celebrating their sixty first wedding anniversary! Sixty one years of getting used to each other. I just have to share that. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Before we get to May and look at May Day, I am going to share with you links to some of my favorite places for Celebrating the Rhythm of Life this week:

  • To explore the inner year with Lynn Jericho with Inner Easter from the festival celebration of esoteric Christianity, click here: Inner Easter This is a free series of writings and audio talks on Inner Easter.
  • For beautiful, natural eggs with leaf impressions: Click here, Ithaca Handwork
  • For beautiful eggs from beets, onion skins and blueberries: Click here,  Mother Earth News
  • Very simple and direct instructions for marblized eggs: Click here, DLTK Growing Together
  • For speckled eggs: Click here, Southern Living
  • Lovely results with stickers and dye bath eggs: Click here, Better Homes and Garden
  • For gorgeous eggs with magical patterns though not edible: Click here, Most Beautiful Eggs!

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