Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Dreaming

The days of summer are upon us, long, warm and sticky. The school children are out and the neighborhood is alive with children's voices during the week. The hose comes out and drenches everyone and it's all okay because it's summer. The evenings are so long and pleasant that we often find ourselves astonished by how late it is yet how high the sun is.

The strawberries are here, sweet and ripe for eating, the raspberries are coming. Blueberries are not too far off. The Farmer's Market is gorgeous with greens, lettuce, spinach, kale, spring onions with red bulbs. The garden is finally dry and beckoning, "plant me now before it's too late!"

Musing now, over the days and weeks  to come, full of summer's warmth, light and goodness, on what I want to accomplish, notice, savor, support, nourish, release. Right now I am:

::  wanting to return to blogging here yet finding my energy directed here
::  savoring the flavor, texture and relationship with the ingredients of homemade ice cream
;;  amused by the simple happiness our chicks seem to have in pecking and scratching and eating slugs
::  working hard to get the July Issue of the The Wonder of Childhood Magazine up 
::  grateful to have a new fully functioning computer to work on!
::  waiting for blueberries to ripen so I can bake this
::  bemused by little boys' fascination with fireworks and smoke bombs
::  wondering what it must be like to be a large wooly dog in this heat
::  enjoying meals outdoors as often as possible
::  discovering the yumminess and simplicity of cedar plank grilling
::  loving summer walks on a nearby farm
::  remembering how pleasant it is to stretch out and have a restful read in the heat of the afternoon 
::  looking forward to some lazy days of catching up with old friends
::  exploring plans to build a movable chicken run this summer
::  baking strawberry muffins today
::  heading out to the garden before the rain to plant some potatoes
::  considering a commitment to blogging here daily, to get into the swing of it
::  hoping you'll have patience and bear with me on that
:: thankful for the inspiration!
:: grateful for this most amazing online community!
:: giving up the search for my camera to add photos to this post!

Happy Summer!


  1. Hi Lisa, I also feel inspired to do more that I can. I have so much energy and passion - but there is just not enough time in the day.

    I am loving The Wonder of Childhood.

    Love & light, Nicole

  2. @Nicole, thanks for the perspective! you know I hadn't even thought I was try to do too much. :-) (sometimes we just can't see the forest for the trees as my mother likes to say!)


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