Sunday, July 24, 2011

Right now, I am:

:: Excited to go the the Vermont Cheese makers Festival
:: Grateful to live by the lake and have cool water for respite from the sweltering heat
:: Savoring summer reads with my feet in the lake

:: Contemplating fresh green peas, fresh ricotta and pasta
:: Noticing the shift from humid hot to brisk cool air that takes place each morning
:: Listening to Ella
:: Writing a piece on a topic that is dear to my heart
:: Grateful for boys, mud fights and lakes to have them in
:: Struggling to find the words to express my understanding for the above mentioned piece
:: Wanting to make ice cream everyday, maybe this one today!
:: Striving to spend more time here

What's happening with you?


  1. Wish I was there. It looks warm and cozy.

  2. Oh Kris, this photo was taken during the hot, hot humid, so hard to sleep at night heat wave, temperature in the high nineties, we recently was our salvation to cool off in the lake.


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