Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cookie Making for Beach Going

We had a big chunk of time alone together on a beautiful, warm, sunny, summer morning.

I gave it up to my little one, "whatever you want to do, I'm game."

Can you guess what he chose....

We put on our aprons and let the mixer do its magic with butter and sugar...

we whisked  flour, salt and baling powder...

added  eggs and vanilla.

Then I realized, we had no chips. So I raided the S'mores stash and he chopped up some Hershey bars.

We packed it up and rambled down to the beach for a swim.

Oh please, just one more minute in the more swim to the rocks?

Who could say no?


  1. Your beach trip looks like fun, and the cookies look very good!! We will be off to the beach in a couple of days, can't wait!! The idea of bringing along a home baked batch of cookies to the beach sounds like a great plan!!

  2. Cookies don't strike me as beach food, but then again, everything goes with cookies...and everything goes with the beach! We're going to try to make it back to the shore one more time before the Summer is done, and I'm going to put cookies on my list!

    I'm also envious of the rocky beach. The sand is fun for play, but it is *not* fun for cleanup!


  3. Carrie, With my children cookies go everywhere, with everything, to the degree that I permit it! Our beach was pretty mucky this year with lots of debris dragged ashore but fortunately we have a good deal of grass to drag our feet through before we get to the door. The dog is the biggest sand conveying culprit~ I have even vacuumed his coat to get the sand out and he loves it! Happy days at the shore and enjoy those cokkies!


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