Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Calling Me

I'm trying so hard to get here.
I am supposed to be working this week: writing, editing, washing, ironing, cooking, painting and planning.

Big brother is off on a Kroka expedition and little brother and his dad are off having adventures together. This is my time to work through the "to do" list.

The first articles of August are up on the Magazine and looking good. I love bringing together the work that expresses the passion of so many gifted people. I have more ideas and visions than I have time to put together in a day or a week, maybe in a lifetime. So I keep at it, "inch by inch and step by step," as my dear friend Aaiyn says. But after a while my thoughts get frazzled.

And you know how it goes when your brain is so scrambled from trying to think too much, in too many directions at the same moment? I usually  try to step out of my life without going too far away, a walk in the woods helps, so does a movie. So the other night I watched a movie, a really good movie, one of those movies with beautiful lingering images and the reminder that even though life is hard, life is beautiful.

Have you seen it? It's A Sunshine of Rainbows? It takes place on the rugged coast of Ireland. It's a timeless movie with simple, natural, beauty. So much beauty, the rugged coast, the simple life, the kindness and goodness of people. The clothing of the characters is so lovely, all of it,  handmade and surely full of love, knit sweaters, crochet scarves and wraps, hand made socks, woven fabrics, all gorgeous and beautiful in their simplicity and connection to the land and animals. Chickens, sheep and the garden supply food and wool. So simple. Such beauty and loss and grief. It's not all happy happy you know.

Back to work for me. Have you seen the movie? Did you like it? Any not- to- miss movies you might recommend? I need more movies.


  1. Yes, wonderful movie, and I oogled the clothing, too!

  2. Oh my, the trailer has me in tears! I'm not sure I could handle it!


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