Saturday, October 22, 2011

Link Love

This week brings lots to mull over in the blog world. Here are a few links that I have been loving this week.

:: Over on Lynn Jericho's The Inner Year is a not-to-be-missed video, "Let Them Live in Your Heart" it speaks deeply to anyone who spends time with children, as well as to our own experience of being a child, do check it out.

:: Our friend Sparkle of Sparkle Stories now has a blog!

:: Kyrie of are so happy has begun a series on the ordinary arts

:: Catherine of the bi-lingual blog Catherine at les Fees has a discussion with Donna Simmons of Christopherus Home School Curriculum

:: My warm thanks to my friend Carrie over at The Parenting Passageway for sharing the two above links this week

:: My friend Liza needs a blog......hmmnnn Liza maybe...? (maybe I'd better say I'd love to read my friend Liza's blog if she had one ~ hint, hint)

Happy weekend dear friends!


  1. What great links. There are so many great places to visit on the internet. Going to have a squiz at a few of these now while my toddler snoozes! Blessings, Lucy.

  2. Yes, yes! I second the motion for Liza's blog!! Thanks for sharing the joy about the discussion with Donna! Will go check Lynn Jerico's video. Thanks!


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