Sunday, November 20, 2011


Sunday, named for the sun, that giant star around which our earth journeys each year, from Latin, "dies solis" sun's day as well as "Dominica," the day of God.. Wonder if it is related to dominion as dominion over the planets. For many it is a day of worship and rest. The day of rest, to rest the weary body and replenish the spirit with soul full activities, often in community. I recently came upon these soul warming activities, here and want to implement two of them straight away:

4. One evening a week unplug everything and turn off the phone. Light candles, drink wine and eat nuts.

5. Buy two hammocks: one for the garden and one for inside your house.

Just the right time of year to live with the natural light and candles, particularly in the morning and at sunset.

For some Sunday is the start of the week, for others it is the end. For me, it is the turning point in the week, after Saturday's house chores are done and before Monday's school day starts, a breathing point. Which is it for you?

For our family that means a big late breakfast often involving potatoes and eggs and meat of some sort, usually bacon, sausage or ham from the farm down the road. Little brother has resumed eating pork. He quit after his favorite ever pig, one of the three we brought home to care for when they were just five days old and their mother was unable to care for them, went to slaughter. We used to laugh about the three little pigs racing across the floor squealing with delight when we let them out of their pen to run into the kitchen in the morning.

I go warm and cold my love affair with the Sunday edition of the New York Times. This week it was a hot affair. Something about a lazy morning with the paper and coffee warms my soul. Sometimes its the Fashion section or Travel or the recent focus on Waldorf education that is refreshing amidst the strife and striving of the outer world. But this weekend it was the feature on our little cooperatively owned ski mountain that warmed my heart and the provocative lead story in the magazine that piqued my interest.

Then it's off to the woods for a hike until the snow flies.

Happy Sunday!

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