Friday, November 4, 2011

This Week

'Twas a full week, this one, beginning with Halloween at the museum, followed by the parade, followed by games and food at the Fire Station and  our last conversation with a friend who was to pass over on Tuesday, unbeknown to any of us in that moment that we were exchanging last words. (Rest in peace good man.)

On Halloween day there was The Forest of Magic and Mystery at our local Waldorf school organized by our friend Sparkle over at Sparkle Stories. How delightful to be in the forest of mystery and magic and watch the little faces light up in wonder and anticipation of the Will o' Wisp. I was The Stone that is a Gnome, once my enchantment was broken, I was able to tend my fire in the woods and offer a clue to the children. Sparkle has lovely photos of the event on his new blog, here.

We were fortunate to join friends for trick or treat in a big neighborhood that loves Halloween. I got to help pass out candy which is something I normally don't do because we get no trick or treaters where we live.

The Celebrate November in the Rhythm of the Year Group is forming and what a lovely and dynamic group you are! I am excited for this month and grateful that I am able to do this engaging work.

What a full month ahead in these days of the thin veils, with Remembrances and Welcoming back those who have passed over, a house to build to hold our flame to bring us through the dark, cold winter, the last of the Harvest celebrations, Thanksgiving and then a few days later the start of Advent.

Time to fasten the seat belts, keep it simple and remember to breathe.

How was your Halloween?

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