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Rhythm is February's Focus Topic

Rhythm Give Away
  • Do you struggle with Rhythm?
  • Is Rhythm one of those mysterious things that you just cannot seem to grasp?
  • Do you fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day?
  • Do you wonder how Waldorf kindergarten teachers seem so calm and manage to sing through the day and knead dough, bake bread, chop vegetables, make soup, color and paint with children every week?
  • Would you like to bring harmonious rhythms to your home or to the children you care for?
  • Is there more you want from each day but cannot find the time for?
  • Do you sometimes look at the clock and panic because you have no idea of what to serve for dinner?
  • Are you struggling with tired, hungry and cranky children while you are making dinner?

Welcome to Rhythm, the life force that sustains each and everyone of us every day, every week, every month and every year.

Before we had electricity and lights and heat available at the flip of a switch, people lived in rhythm with nature. We slept at night and worked in the light of the day. We chopped wood, carried water and kindled fires.The stars guided travelers. Food was only available in season. We lived in the rhythms of the natural world, deeply connected carried along through the year without conscious attention.

We deeply felt the earth's rhythms through the day and all through the year and celebrated significant turnings in the wheel of the year. Today, we can flip a switch and experience light and heat. We no longer live in the rhythms of nature. We have disconnected. 

Yet we are rhythmic beings and when we find our way into a rhythm that flows for ourselves and our families, we find harmony, peace of mind, inspiration for new endeavors and time to take up activities that deeply nourish our families and ourselves as parents. We can bring rhythm into our lives with conscious attention.

Our children need rhythm. Children thrive when their life is rhythmic. It is so healthy and nourishing for children: rhythm supports healthy development of the child, of the senses, the emotions, the ability to play, the ability to transition, of the family, of the household. Rhythm helps us breathe when we are frustrated and nourished us to be healthy.

The focus topic for the month of February is Rhythm.
  • We'll explore what is rhythm and look at sample rhythms of the day and the week.
  • We'll look at what gets in the way of rhythm.
  • We'll look at how you can make your rhythm flow through the day.
  • We'll look at how rhythm can help your child be more imaginative, playful and creative.
  • We look at how our meals can be healthier and more pleasant with rhythm.
  • We'll look at peaceful bedtimes and restful sleep that come out of a healthy rhythm.
  • We'll look at the rhythm of housework
  • We'll look at how rhythm makes transitions smoother.
  • We'll examine how a strong rhythm supports homeschooling.
  • We'll look at how a strong rhythm makes home a sanctuary for the school child.
  • We'll look at how to put together a rhythm that works in your life.
  • We'll finding a starting point and implement our own rhythm and build on it over four weeks.
  • We'll look at how rhythm supports daily life with children and helps us carve out time for ourselves.
  • We'll look at breathing and healthy rhythm.
  • We'll have daily reminders and enthusiastic support.

The fee is $ 45 

This includes the Focus Topic of Rhythm and all the Packets, Story, Verse, Song, Fingerplay, Circle and Movement play, Start Up Guide, Meal Plan and Recipes, Daily and Weekly Rhythm Packet, Celebration and Festival Packet, Afterschool Enrichment Packet and video with songs and verse for transitions, Handwork Packet and tutorial, videos, blog posts and group discussion of the Celebrate the Rhythm of Life in Caring for Children Program.

The Focus on Rhythm includes:
Daily reminders.
Weekly topics.
Ongoing discussion in the group forum.
Consultation with me if needed to help you get rhythm going
Sample rhythms for the day and the week.
Meal Planner with Recipes that include the grains of the kindergarden.
Brainstorming on what meals work for your family and can be easily put together.

Sign up here:

Celebrate the Rhythm of Life in February ~ Focus Topic is Rhythm

For my articles on Rhythm:



Give Away to TWO people for ONE  place each in the month of February with Rhythm as the focus topic. To enter please comment below and share the link to this post (click on title to get link) on FaceBook, your blog or Twitter or write a blog post on Rhythm and link back here to this post. Please note where shared in the comments and make a new comment for each share to have additional chances at winning. Drawing will be on Monday January 30th. 

The winners are :

Vanessa: " I have so much to learn and would be blessed by this course!
Thanks :) Vanessa"

 RedBeetMama: " I so humbly would love this. I will share with FB and my homeschooling group.  Namaste"






  1. Thanks for the chance to win, shared on twitter :)

  2. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Lisa! Shared on FB!

  3. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Lisa! Shared on FB!

  4. Wow! Sounds Amazing! We are struggling with our rhythm right now. We are homeschooling our oldest, we have a toddler, and a new baby! This course would be perfect! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  5. Would love, love, love the opportunity. Shared on FB :)

  6. This is exactly what I need right now!!!

  7. Sarah Craighead DedmonJanuary 23, 2012 at 8:57 AM

    Thank you - I shared the link on my FB page - Sarah Craighead Dedmon! I was wondering, is the February package already completed? I might like to just buy it to get going early.

  8. This sounds really helpful. Shared on FB.

  9. This sounds wonderful! Oh, how I would love a place! I'll share on FB.
    Thanks for all you do!

  10. Sarah the Reply is not working above, I am putting the February material together today and should have it all up by tomorrow except for the work on Rhythm which will be a weekly presentation and daily reminder.

  11. This is what I need... the Holy Grail of motherhood for me.

    1. Mindful mama ~ I am delighted to inform you that you were our December give away winner! You are welcome to join the February group. I need an e mail address for you. Contact me at: lisaboisvert (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. This is exactly what I need! Thanks for the opportunity:)

  13. Lovely! This is exactly what our little family needs right now. I always value your thoughts so much.

  14. I need help with rhythm so much! Great giveaway!

  15. I just shared the giveaway on facebook, Heather Bain Brandt.

  16. Oh my, do those descriptions sound like my family. We could really use this!
    I shared on Facebook. Thank you!

  17. Sounds like we all need some rhythm. Hopefully I can figure out how to tweet!

  18. Just shared on Facebook. I could really use this, we're really struggling with rhythm for our 2.5 year old now that there's a new baby in the house. Fingers crossed!!!

  19. I so humbly would love this. I will share with FB and my homeschooling group.


  20. This would be so wonderful. Rhythm is always a struggle in our home, and that daily reminder sounds wonderful! Sharing on facebook!

  21. I would love this! Rhythm is my biggest challenge and the thing that would help our family the most. I shared on FB.

  22. Oh I am so in need of this. Our rhythm is fallen to pieces with a few life changes. Thank you so much for the chance.

  23. I'm no tweeter but I'd love a chance to win. This mama has soooo much enthusiasm for waldorf homeschooling but little ability to stick to a good rhythm. I could sure use some support.

  24. This would be so great for our family! Thank you!

  25. Thank you for the chance to win this! This is just what I need as I am homeschooling my two kids and have the hardest time keeping a rhythm all day! I am sharing this on fb. Thank you.....reba22584 at hotmail dot com

  26. Thanks for this great February opportunity!

  27. Hi Lisa ~ This is wonderful! Just what our family needs right now. I will share a link on facebook to this page. Thank you! Susie

  28. Shared on FB. nbeauchesne(at)rogers(dot)com

  29. Shared on Twitter! nbeauchesne(at)rogers(dot)com

  30. I have so much to learn and would be blessed by this course!
    Thanks :) Vanessa

  31. Thanks for the opportunity. I'll link on Facebook.

  32. Your monthly guides sound wonderfully rich. I would love the chance to win one.
    Thank you,

  33. Wow, awesome giveaway! Sharing the news on Fb!

  34. Wow, this is an awesome giveaway! I could use this for sure to help foster a stronger rhythm at home. Thank you. Sharing this on Fb.


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