Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rhythm of June Give Away!

Announcing a Give Away for Membership for the Month of June in Celebrate the Rhythm of Life through the Year!

With the great popularity and gratitude expressed for the Rhythm focus, we'll continue along with that, looking at our daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly rhythms, bringing more form and finding more freedom within the form.

We'll take the plans we have sketched out and work on identifying what skills and understanding we have of the curriculum, and identify what skills, and knowledge and tools or toys we need to create within and without for the coming year.

In the month of June, we'll get into the details of the day, we'll look at how to implement that plan, how to organize the space and make it more play and education (if we are doing the grades) friendly, how to make the materials we need and how to use them through the year. Where do we want to be with our children during the day and what can we do to make our living space flow more smoothly with children?

We'll cover wet on wet watercolor painting, beeswax crayon drawing and coloring and bean bag making. We'll bring in verses, song and movement for jump rope, speech exercise, body geography, sensory nourishment and putting your circle into lively action.

We'll look at How to Implement the Pillars of Waldorf education that I have outlined in our blogs over virtual tea, here with Carrie Dendtler of The Parenting Passageway including:
  • Drawing with Beeswax Crayons 
  • Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting 
  • Modeling with Dough, Beeswax and Clay 
  • Speech 
  • Movement 
  • Drama 
  • Singing and Musical Instrument 
  • Handwork :: Ideas for each grade 
We'll look at the components and rhythm of  Circle and Main Lesson
We'll compare Circle time for kinder and nursery child v circle time for grade school child
We'll review the Benchmarks for first, second and third grade

Join us on this adventure to sketch out the year ahead and remain well anchored in the day before us.

Sign up for the month of June is here.

In May we sketched out the schedule, now in June, we'll step it up with an intensive, an in depth look at the pillars of Waldorf homeschooling and how to go about implementing them in your year, your week and your days.

We'll begin with ourselves and our own rhythms and work from our strengths and passions in setting up the year. Like to cook, great, bring it in. Are you a musical family and wrestling with how and if to integrate it into your child's homeschooling? Are you crazy about crafting but lost in what to do with all those gorgeous hand made and love filled treasures? Do you wish you could be more spontaneous and fun? Come along and join our vibrant group and set up your homeschool plan for 2012 - 2013.

We'll look at ways to organize our homes and to create smoother rhythms and we'll get to work on organizing the essentials for a creative, playful, productive and satisfying year.

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The drawing is over and the winner will be announced here so come back to see if you are the winner of this membership for the month of June.


And the winner is.... Jennifer, "Just what I need as I am facing the momentous task of planning grade 1!! So exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I shared this on my FB page. "Jenny, please send me an e-mail at  lisaboisvert(at)yahoo(dot)com  to get started


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