Monday, January 7, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

Weekly Rhythm :: The Meal Plan
One simple way to help make the week flow with ease is the meal plan. The meal plan makes it easy to shop, plan and prepare meals. It also makes a great fall back during busy and stressful times. 

After a full holiday season of stepping out of our rhythm pretty regularly, a meal plan helps bring form to our days and weeks. If you'd like some help to get your rhythm back on track, join my program Celebrate the Rhythm of Life in February with the focus topic on Rhythm. You'll get help identifying and establishing the rhythm that is best for your family and receive a month of enthusiastic support.

Here's the description from last year's Rhythm Session that got great reviews and brought many members back for more. Included in the Program are Packets of support material, videos, articles and a discussion group as well as consultation with yours truly.

See all that it includes here.

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