Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Clean Beeswax Crayons

Beeswax crayons are such a pleasure to use, they make such beautiful colors and beautiful drawings. They are easy to use, feel good in the hand, and respond to our warmth by giving us more of their color. They last a very long time too.
Over time they get broken, bitten and chipped, and with use they get scuffed up from rubbing against the colors of the other crayons.

What to do to bring them back to their majestic purity of color?
The answer is simple and can be meditative.
  • First, I gather my beeswax crayons
  • Then I take out an old bed sheet or towel from the ragbag
  • Then I tear off a corner of the cloth to make a cleaning cloth about the size of a lunch napkin
I use oil for cleaning beeswax crayons; it dissolves the crayon markings the get rubbed into the other color crayons. I was taught to use Citrasolve and over the years have tried lavender essential oil and even olive oil. I imagine coconut oil works too. Any oil. Citrasolve probably works the fastest, yet is probably the harshest. 

Put some oil on the cloth and rub away. The crayons will come clean.

In the end, you have clean crayons to color with and beautiful colors on the cleaning rag.

This month we are contemplating the experience of color in our lives and doing some grown up coloring with beeswax crayons over on Celebrate the Rhythm of LIfe through the Year, my interactive curriculum program that supports parents, teachers and childcare providers to awaken to the rhythms in daily, weekly and seasonal life through beauty, imagination and wonder.

I've also been doing Homeschool Consulting and now officially offer that as a Service.

Happy Weekend friends, what's on your slate for this weekend?


  1. Thank you For sharing . I always clean the tables with oil but never thought about cleaning THE crayons this way. .

  2. Lisa, I have just subscribed to your blog. You stated on my comments "That's my struggle, how does a person of modest means bring her children out into the greater world?" ... It appears to me, Lisa, after reading some of your experiences and accomplishments that you are CONSTANTLY bringing your children into the outer world through being an excellent example. Keep up the great work!

    Aloha et Au Revoir
    Bill Facker

  3. I just couldn't toss out the paper towels after cleaning the beeswax. We took the towels rupped them, shaped and gues as continents on a world map. So perfect and fun.


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