Thursday, June 27, 2013

Morning Light

a glimpse of light
Dramatic thunder and lightening storms have brought a close to the afternoons this week, with loud startling bursts of thunder, sharp flashes of lightening and torrential rainfall that is flooding the garden and the roads. My furry boy has been glued to my side. He is no lover of the loud sound bursts.

Just at this time of year when I want to throw open all the doors and windows, fire up the grill, cook and eat outside and spend the afternoon curled up in the shade with a book, I find myself seeking shelter, making sure the hens are protected and settling for indoor meals.

The following morning, with the rising sun, I scout out the grounds, looking for a dry spot for the hens, one that provides some sun, some shade and some cover, yet won't  flood. I've been wondering what will become of the garden, will it drain or will it continue to flood. Do we build more raised beds?

The grass is tall, gently swaying with the breeze.
This morning, on the path between house and hen and garden beds, as I was happily drinking up the fleeting sunlight, I paused to take a few snapshots of sunlight bathed flowers.
 Coming soon is the sea of bee balm blossoms.

Waving goodbye until next year are the wood anemones, once a sea of cheerful blossoms, now a swath of greenery.
Shine on!

What's happening in your garden?

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