Thursday, August 15, 2013

Being Sexy

be sexy
Ha, ha, I bet the title caught your attention! Sexy. I love this. Ashton Kutcher was just a name  to me  until I saw this video yesterday. Now he is an inspiration I want to share with you. Ashton Kutcher shares his insider's tips on life at this award event.

What he shares reflects the three soul capacities in anthroposophy or the thinking, feeling and willing aspects of the human being. I'm not going to say anymore about what he says until you have a chance to watch this short video.

Happy Thursday~ing!


  1. That was surprisingly deep. Good for him!

  2. That was great. Thank you for sharing that. I had to look him up...I admit, I like him in that he always makes me laugh. I had no idea he's basically my age. That made me feel so young! LOL


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