Sunday, January 4, 2015

On Gratitude :: An eCourse for January

I am very excited to announce January's eCourse...
It's called Simple Gratitude :: The Wonder of an Ordinary Day.
 January 5th to January 31st
registration is open
This Simple Gratitude eCourse is a companion to my Celebrate the Rhythm of Life in January Living Curriculum program.

I began offering the Celebrate the Rhythm of Life Living Curriculum program four years ago in response to requests from parents, caregivers and fellow homeschoolers who were seeking to bring more form to their days and a deeper understanding of early childhood to their lives, along with regular artistic and domestic activities, meaningful work and handwork, attention to celebrations and festivals, wholesome foods and meal plans, peaceful bedtimes and engaging meal times, most of all harmonious rhythms and the spaciousness of time to enjoy family life.

All of the eCourses I offer support parenting that is out of what I call the the Three C's of Healthy Parenting: Conscious, Creative and Connected Parenting.

I provide these eCourses each month as a companion to help bring a broader and deeper perspective to homemaking and homeschooling from a Waldorf/anthroposophical approach. Each month we delve into a particular topic.

Past eCourse topics include: When Less is More :: 31 Days to Rhythm, 30 Days to Rhythm :: Boot CampLove:: The Heart of Discipline, The Art of Storytelling with Children, Crafting Circles and the Importance of Circle Work,  Get Organized :: Sketch it Out,  Play,  Color, Garden Along,  Limits and Boundaries, Warmth, Cooking for the Family and more.

I have a line up of new eCourses for 2015 that I'll be posting soon.

I offer the eCourses as a stand alone eCourses and as part of the monthly and yearly curriculum membership. They are open to everyone.

Over the next four weeks, in the Simple Gratitude eCourse, we'll work on daily and weekly rhythms, meals, bedtime, play, artistic activities, all within the context of kindling gratitude in our hearts and homes during the most ordinary of days.

We'll explore the role of gratitude in the life of the child and how we can nurture feelings of gratitude within our children in daily life.

We'll explore gratitude within ourselves.

The community consists of parents, homemakers, homeschoolers, teachers and caregivers, and is always wonderful, warm and wise.

Members are for the most part from the all over the United States, yet some come from as far away as Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, France, Indonesia, Germany, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, Israel, Thailand, Brazil and more. We are a world wide community, all committed to the conscious, creative and connected approach of being in the  world and with children.

I keep the registration fee low at $25 to make it accessible to all.

I hope you'll join us!

Celebrate the Rhythm of Life 
Harmonious Rhythms ::   Soulful Parenting with the 3C's :: Waldorf Homeschooling

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