Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Calling All Hearth Tenders :: Planning Session is Open!

I am pleased to announce that registration is now open for…

 Get Organized :: Sketch it Out!
~ 5 Weeks of Planning through the Rhythm of the Year 
Begins August 8, 2016
~ 5 Weeks ~

Plan the Homeschooling, Child Caregiving, Homemaking, Hearth Tending Year
2016 ~ 2017
an artistic journey to take you within to sketch out your year

  • Are you starting to think about plans for homeschooling, child caregiving or homemaking for September through the next year?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with information coming at you?
  • Are you at a loss for where to begin?
  • Would you like supportive guidance to trust your inner wisdom and observations?
  • Does the notion of rhythm feel like a big mystery?
  • Would you like some gentle and wise guidance coupled with enthusiasm, experience and a deep trust for your practical wisdom to support you to Get Organized and Sketch it Out, and create your own binder, rhythm forms, curriculum, wheels to organize your year?
  • Are you are hearth tender?
  • Would you like to find others who are like you?
  • If yes, come on over and join!

What’s Included?
  • 5 Weeks of Enthusiastic Support, Artistic Guidance and Reflection
  •  Roundtable Discussions with homeschooling, homemaking, childcare giving mamas
  • Discussion on how to find the renewal with everyday life
  • A guided artistic walk through the Rhythm of the Year
  • Guidance and support to help you define What is Essential for You and Your Family
  • Support for you and all the hats you wear as mother, teacher, care provider, wage earner
  • A weaving together of LifeWays philosophy and Waldorf education
  • Private Discussion Forum
  • Sample Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rhythms
  • Support and guidance to create your own beautiful rhythm anchors, from within
  • The ability to return and dip in for refreshment anytime, forever and ever!
Each year, I tweak this course to make it better for you, in how I offer  support and guidance to help you get organized, with simplicity and a slow savored approach to life, as a hearth tending homemaker, child caregiver, homeschooler, in a way that is imbued with clarity, creativity and connection - the 3C's of how I work with parenting.

This year, you'll focus more on the artistic role and elements of the curriculum, including the early years, the kindergarten, and the grades, with the arts as a foundation.

I'll  guide and encourage you to develop your skills to remain one step ahead of your child.

This year, I’ll guide you to create a 3 ring binder that includes your hearth tending, child caregiving, homeschooling and homemaking materials. One place for everything. Your creation. 

Join me and a warm wise group of homeschooling, hearth tending, homemaking, child caregiving moms, and an occasional dad, as we each create our binder and sketch out the year. I'll guide you through a process of clarifying your needs and wants to organize material and sketch out a plan that weaves them into your year.

Get Organized :: Sketch it Out! remains open to members of the class forever! You can pop in for a refresher or to find the name of that something we talked about in the course. Templates, reflections, assignments, recordings and handouts will be available and easily accessible on the site, 'round the year, for you to return to and use.

Join now for the early bird discount registration fee of $25, good until the end of day August 11th  when the registration fee will become $49. It’s a deal at $49 and a steal at $25.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into planning hearth tending, homemaking, child caregiving and homeschooling years over the past 20+ years and come to you with plenty of experience, full of success and failure, and to share as well the wisdom of time and reflection.

Benefits of this class: 
  • Enthusiastic support to organize the materials you need for the upcoming year
  • Identify what you need and find support for where to find it (often its within you)
  • Guidance to Create a wheel of the year with your hand, out of your experience and inner work
  • Guidance to Create Seasonal, Weekly and Daily Rhythms and Rhythm Reminders
  • Explore different artistic materials
  • Carve out time to be creative in setting up your binder and carry these skills through the year
  • Discuss benefits of different types of support materials
  • Explore How to Get Started bringing rhythm into all aspects of your life
  • Focus on what is essential, what is most meaningful for YOU

no fee for Year Round Members of Celebrate the Rhythm of Life

all materials and photographs©2011-2018 Celebrate the Rhythm of Life

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