Thursday, December 1, 2016

eCourse for December :: Register Now

The greatest gift we can give ourselves, our children and our families is to be present in the moment.

To express my gratitude for your presence in my life,  I offer you the gift of presence by opening to you my 31 day eCourse called Simple, Slow and Savory December.

My living curriculum program Celebrate the Rhythm of Life through the Year supports you to be present, to breathe fully in the moment, and to respond from a place of clarity and groundedness.

It's quite simple, maybe so simple that we take it for granted. Yet it needs regular care, company and cultivation. What is it? It's a healthy relationship - with our self, with the people in our lives and with the world.

A grounded mom is a present mom and a present mom is great gift to a child. Does this mean you'll have it all together and know exactly what to do in every situation? Not at all. Does it mean that everything will go well all the time? Not at all. We are imperfect by our nature as human beings. We wouldn't grow and develop if we were perfect.  ~ from this page

My goal  is to support you to be fully present in your life.

Join me for 31 days of:
 and the gift of Presence of each other. 

Give Yourself the Gift of Presence
My request for you,  is that you "share" the link to this page on social media and "like" my new page for my upcoming program for 2017, Set a Pretty Table over on Facebook, and very important - be willing to be present in the group, to show up and participate. 

This offer is good for registration until December 10th, after that it becomes $35



*More to come  soon on Set a Pretty Table. Here's a sneak peek ~ it's a year round online course inspired by this quote from Thomas Moore,  "The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."  Set a Pretty Table will guide you with simple baby steps through the year to create the home you've been envisioning- a home that is warm and cosy, homemade and hand spun, a Waldorf home, a cosy home, a home that speaks to you.

It's included with Celebrate the Rhythm of Life Year Year Round Membership and will be available to everyone else for a small annual fee.

52 Weeks of Inspiration, Reflection and Support, within Community

More on that coming soon...


  1. is the course thru facebook? i do not want a facebook acct......

    1. Hello Unknown Person,
      There is no Facebook connection to the course. It's on a private site. I do request that members of the class identify themselves and are willing to show up.

  2. Hello Lisa,

    I am trying to register for the December e-course but it days my email ID is already in use and not letting me register. I have never previously registered at your site, so not sure how to get around this. Appreciate if you could help me register.


  3. Hi Archana,
    I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time with the sign in process. The ruzuku sign in process is to the platform ruzuku, if you've ever signed up with ruzuku, for another class, you already have an account. The classes are listed as separate entities within ruzuku. (I hope this makes sense) You might try the "forgot your password?" option, and then check your email. That will allow you to re-set the password for your ruzuku account.


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