Monday, January 9, 2017

Learn to Tell Stories with Table Puppets ~a new eCourse!

Storytelling with Table Puppets

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4 Weeks 
“We must do everything in our power to help the children to develop fantasy.” ~ Rudolf Steiner


Imagine yourself deepening your relationship to storytelling...
Imagine yourself enveloped by a warm and supportive community...
Imagine yourself crafting your own table puppets...
Imagine yourself receiving guidance and support each step of the way...
Imagine yourself telling stories with confidence using puppets made with your own hands...

This is Storytelling with Table Puppets!

Connie Manson, of Starlite Puppets and I have teamed up to bring you Storytelling with Table Puppets, a guided online course, as part of the Celebrate the Rhythm of Life ~ living curriculum program.
For four weeks, we'll take you by the hand and guide you through sourcing simple materials to crafting the table puppets that you can use again and again, with gentle guidance,  step by step instructions, and daily conversations. We'll show you how to use things you already have around the house, and we'll support you to tell stories with table puppets, music and confidence. We'll help you discern which stories are best to tell at each age and stage. 
We invite you to join us for 4 weeks of Storytelling with Table Puppets, this is what we'll do:
:: We'll explore different types of puppets and how to use puppets with different ages and stages
:: We'll teach you how to craft a table puppet and create a character by showing you steps with hands on tutorials
:: We'll show you how to use table puppets to tell a story
:: We'll show you delightful ways of telling a story using simple props you have at home
:: We'll delve deeper into the use of language and music with table puppet storytelling
:: We'll explore considerations in choosing a story
:: We'll explore character archetypes 
:: We'll help you find stories that are well suited to table puppets
:: We'll have fun together!!
Storytelling with Table Puppets is open for registration. Work at your own pace through the lessons. Connie and I will be present in the class everyday, responding to questions, adding material and encouraging conversation and sharing of your work.
You may return anytime, contribute to the conversation and enjoy "forever access" to the site and class materials.
This course offers great content and support as well as the convenience of doing a workshop at home, on your time. No driving needed. No need for a place to stay overnight. No fees for meals. It comes right to you, at home.
When you go to a training, and trainings are quite lovely,  you have the experience over a few days or a week, the course ends and you go home.  
With this online course, you have the benefit of time to try things out,  come back to the course, check in, ask questions, and communicate with teachers and classmates - it's ongoing support for puppet storytelling.
Registration Fee is $149

No Registration Fee for Year Round Members of
Consider joining! You receive the songs, stories, movement games, activities, childcare tips and recipes for each month as well as the eCourses I offer, all for one fee, with monthly payment options.

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