Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Waldorf Grades 1-4 :: Community + Coaching Co-ops

I want to let you know that membership in the Community + Coaching Co-ops for Waldorf homeschoolers for Grades 1-4  is now open to all. 

When I began the Celebrate the Rhythm of Life ~ living curriculum program seven years ago, the moms who joined as year round members were in the Nursery and Kindergarten years with their children and grandchildren. Some of them have been so inspired with working out of Waldorf in the home that they have chosen to homeschool their children in the grades. For them I created a group of homeschoolers where they could find support and each other.

This year I wanted to do more for the grade school homeschooling community and decided to open the Communities + Coaching Co-ops for Waldorf homeschoolers for Grades 1-4 .

I also decided that I too would like to have community and company in this work, in facilitating, guiding and coaching the grade schoolers - since there are so many ways to do it, and especially because a sort of magic that happens when people come together.

Longtime Waldorf homeschooler and blogger who inspires so many with Waldorf homeschooling and parenting, Carrie Dendtler of The Parenting Passageway will join me in leading the Community + Coaching Co-op.
I've also invited seasoned Waldorf folk to join us in conversation and in the monthly calls. Marsha Johnson of Waldorf Home Educators Yahoo Group, Shining Star Waldorf School, who also offers the wonderful annual Magic of Waldorf Summer Conference in Portland, Oregon, with Waldorf camp like childcare, will be dropping in to join us for discussion and will lead the monthly calls every 3-4 months.

About the Community + Coaching Co-ops
If you are a Waldorf homeschooler teaching grades 1-4 and would love to be part of a community of like minded and same grade Waldorf homeschooling parents, and receive coaching from experienced Waldorf homeschoolers and longtime Waldorf teachers through the year, watch the blog for the notice that registration is open. It will include two eCourses (Get Organized :: Sketch it Out for Grades 1-4 in July and Planning Circle Work for Grades 1-4 in August) as well as a live call each month and ongoing conversation in a private forum through the year.

 Each grade will have its own site with resources particular to the grade, yet the co-op will come together for group calls. I am envisioning a warm, fun family like atmosphere as we support each other through the year. This is the first year in the past 18 years that I will not be planning to homeschool my own children, or for the playgroup, or for the classroom or nursery. All my energies will be for you!

Community + Coaching Co-ops
Grades 1-4
July 2017 through June 2018
Registration is $99 per grade 
~ it's free for year round members ~

Get Organized :: Sketch it Out Grades for 1-4 
~ July ~
(included with Co-op registration, free for year round members)

Planning Circle Work  for Grades 1-4
~ August ~
(included with Co-op registration, free for year round members)

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