Friday, December 29, 2017

Stepping In


December has been a full month.

It's been a month filled with hard work, headaches, coughs, congestion, colds, flu, who-knows-what-ails-us, time spent in bed. Not typical here. Then there's the biting cold weather with fierce winds and below zero, yes, that is below zero Fahrenheit temperatures. I am so grateful for central heat. Then there's the magical, beautiful, powdery snow. What a surprise to have so much in December!

All this during the season of Advent and Christmas. 

Now, for the drum roll with the happy dance for elderberry syrup. I don't know what took me so long to remember this potent anti-viral. Maybe it's because we haven't been sick, I mean really sick, taken to bed, with this sort of thing for years. Anyway I am so happy to have remembered. It works.

You can read more about the efficacy and safety of elderberry syrup over here on Pub Med.

In this week that feels like a Stepping Out of Time, I am so happy to reconnect with the outer world. 

Hope you and yours are feeling well!

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