Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Your Family Culture

July 22-August 17
4 Weeks

Join me for four weeks to explore your family culture and see how it shapes all aspects of parenting, family life and how you show up in the world. 
You'll focus on becoming more aware of family culture, more confident, and more intentional in making parenting decisions based on what's most important to YOU and your family values. 
You'll be inspired and supported to create a loving, rich, beautiful and nourishing home environment that is aligned with what is meaningful to you.
This course supports childhood, family life, strong relationships and celebrating the beauty that is Waldorf education.  Your Family Culture eCourse provides a  foundation for the early years of childhood and supports family life through the grade school years.
This course will help you create a strong foundation for a new school, homeschool or homemaking year!
I've deliberately kept the registration fee a low $25 to make it accessible to all!
I hope you'll join me.
With warm regards,

Included with July or August's Celebrate the Rhythm of Life ~ living curriculum program membership: July is here and August is here. 

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